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Namaz of Mo'min (Prayer of the believer). Second Edition

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Product Description :

A comprehensive guide of the Rules and Regulations relating to Namaz of Mo'min,
(A Comprehensive Guide).

For those who have a yearning desire to draw near to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, there is no finer means of drawing close than the performance of religious duties (especially the Namaz) prescribed by Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. Namaz is the key, which opens the door to this world's and the next world's happiness. It is therefore incumbent that we show gratitude and thanks to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala for giving us guidance and tawfeeq (strength) to perform namaz in the best possible manner.

One is eligible for all excellences of namaz but only after accomplishing a complete and perfect (saheeh) namaz, which is attainable by having sound knowledge of the main issues. Keeping this in mind, the basic theme of writing this book is to emphasise and elaborately discuss the issues pertaining to namaz and its performance.

The original urdu version of Momin kee Namaz was compiled in 296 pages. Amazingly this English version is spread over 600 pages. This has been done laboriously to simplify the issues and the subject concerned and to provide extra information to the readers so that the process of learning is easier. This ease is noticeable with the footnotes, glossary, appendices and with an extraordinary index. 

In short, this work has taken the shape of a 'Mini Encyclopedia' concerning issues pertaining to the performance of Namaz. And, Insha-Allah, it will prove itself the Comprehensive Guide for Namaz in it's real sense . .

Author - Allamah Abdussattar Hamdani Masroof

English Translation - Dr. Ameerul Haque

Published by - Markaz-e Ah'l-e Sunnat Barkat-e Raza

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