Tariq Gift Centre- Islamic Cassette Centre (ICC) was born in 1994 as a small gift shop in the city of Bradford, it was founded by Mohammad Younis who first began recording speeches of various Ulema in 1975 and has kept the pearls of wisdom safe for generations to come. This project started out as there was a demand for Islamic media and there was a gap in the market which we thought we would fill by starting up the business which was first known as Tariq Gift Centre during which period our focus was to promote Islam through media.  

We are strong followers of the Ahle-Sunnah Wa’al Jama’ Sunni Hanfi-Brelvi school of thought, and only promote this kind of media and scholars. Now our main focus is on collecting the lectures delivered by prominent Ulema in the past as well as collecting those given by prominent Ulema in the present and future.  

Tariq Gift Centre prides itself in the media it promotes as we use the latest digital cameras to record speeches by Ulema so that Muslims all over the UK can watch them with crystal clarity.  

Tariq Gift Centre has been serving the community for many years during which it has become a respectable name in the Islamic industry.  

Ins Sha Allah we will continue to record the pearls of wisdom and keep them safe for the future generations. Ameen.