Munya-Tul-Musali And Ghunya-Tul-Mubtadi
Munya-Tul-Musali And Ghunya-Tul-Mubtadi

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Munya-Tul-Musali And Ghunya-Tul-Mubtadi

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Munya-Tul-Musali And Ghunya-Tul-Mubtadi

12 Carlisle Road

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12 Carlisle Road
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    Munyatul Musalli is a classical Hanafi text book which is taught at Madaris-e-Arabia in the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan and surrounding areas It is the most extensive and detailed book on The Fiqh of Salah.

    The author is Imam Muhammad Sadid-ud-Din Bin Muhammad Al-Kasghari (704 AH), may Allah Taala bless him.

    This is the very first English translation of Munyatul Musalli, conducted by the eminent scholar of the UK, Allama Abul-Mahmood Shah Muhammad Nishter Sahib, founder and former Chief Imam/Khateeb of Jamia Masjid Hanafia Bradford 8, and now retired Imam/Khateeb of Madina Masjid, Cardiff, Wales, UK. May Allah Subhaanahu Wa Taala accept this humble effort, bless Hazrat Allama Sahib with good health and longevity and make it beneficial for Usatiza, students and laymen.